Service support

Service support

Under water pelletizing system application field is very wide, involved in all areas of materials with different characteristics;In order to obtain excellent granule molding technology, it is necessary to determine the best technology data, huachen materials testing center for different customers personalized solutions to provide support, pelletizing process of type data is archived and research respectively, make sure production under water pelletizing system equipment fully meet customer requirements.Experiment line will provide incoming testing services to the customers in time, let's see the test process in the real production environment.

--Our factory sell all product warranty for one year, after-sales service telephone: 18061907187,18061906628

--After the repair notice seven working days from the scene and solve the problem;The current car brigade, room

--and board for buyer's account.

--The user can through the technical problems related to after-sales telephone counseling, and had a clear solution.

--The user in normal use performance failure, the company promised more than the warranty service

During the warranty period, the following will gratis maintenance services:

--Due to man-made or irresistible natural phenomenon of damage.

--Due to the fault or damage caused by improper operation.

--Due to the product transformation, decomposition and assembly of failure or damage.

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