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Wuxi Huachen Machinery & Electricity Industrial Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise producing high & new plastic machinery products.Having passed more than Twenty-five years business course,the company has successively provided many high quality equipment for large-size enterprises,groups and foreign sole investor enterprises in petro-chemical,plastic processing ,wire/cableand environment protection etc industry.

The company wins good reputation inpetro-chemical enterprises subordinated to China Petro-chemical Group and China Petroleum Group.It has successfully entered the Resource System of China Petroleum Group.Customers of Huachen are all over the whole China. Its product shave been sold well to European, America, Middle East and South-East Asia Areas. Its managing R & D team will un-ceaselessly devote himself to provide nationalized production equipment with internationally advanced technology. We are looking forward to getting consistent support from people ofall circles. Let us join hands and advance together to create bright future.

Product concept provided by supplier Huachen of special pelletizing equipment:

1. Coordinated integration with upper and lower equipment  of customers;

2. Stability of production line operation;

3. Easy and simple control;

4. Highly efficient,environmental friendly,flexible,complete and individualized solutions for customers.

5. Fast and wholeheartedly customer service.

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