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Our team

Quality team:
Loving caring enthusiastic actively studious innovation change consciously
Productivity branch bank undertakes self-discipline is responsible for the team communication and coordination
Team culture: trust benign conflict does not break in the river of spray under the unwavering implementation has also regretless pay a sweat.
A, trust.
This is not any kind of trust, it is firm on the basis of the fragile human nature of trust.This means that a cohesive and efficient team members must learn to freely, quickly and calmly admit your mistakes and weaknesses, failure, for help.They also willing to acknowledge others strengths, even though these advantages more than himself.Based on human nature fragile trust is indispensable.Leave it, a team cannot, perhaps should not produce the blunt constructive conflict.
Second, the benign conflict
Teamwork is one of the biggest obstacles, for the fear of conflict.On the one hand, many managers take various measures to avoid the conflict of the team, are wary of losing control of the team, as well as some self-esteem would be hurt;Others is the conflict as a waste of time.They are more willing to spend less time on meeting and discussion, seems to be adopted sooner or later, his own decision decisively, to set aside more time to implement decisions, and other they think is "real" job.In either case, ceos are convinced that: they were split by avoiding destructive to consolidate their team.This is ridiculous, because they are actually kill the constructive conflict, will need to solve the major issues under the carpet.
Third, unswervingly action
To become a cohesive team, the leadership must learn in the absence of complete information, no unified opinion when making decisions.And because of perfect information and absolute consensus is extremely rare, decision-making ability has become a team one of the most critical behavior.But if a team doesn't encourage constructive and no alert of the conflict, it is impossible to learn the decision.This is because only when team members each other warmly, open to debate, freely express your ideas and leadership to have the confidence to make fully focus on the collective wisdom of the decision.Can't just different opinions and debate, unfiltered frank exchange of views of the team, will often find yourself always face the same questions over and over again.In fact, the mechanism of outsiders, always debate team, tend to be able to make and stick to tough decisions team.
Four, complaint or regret
Type who is responsible for excellent team leader does not need to remind each other team members to do their best work, because they know what needs to be done, they will remind each other pay attention to the behavior and activities will not succeed.And not enough good team in general is not acceptable to report to the leadership of the behavior, even worse: gossiping behind my back.Such behavior not only destroy the morale of the team, and let those who easily solve slow to deal with.

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